Supporting companies in organized and cost-effective Energy transition
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We evaluate business opportunities,
profitability and risks driven by the Energy Transition. We also support in the execution of your Energy Transition.


The on-going transition from fossil to low-emission renewable energy is accelerating, in parallel with the sector integration.

Successful investments require a comprehensive overview of the value chain and a sufficiently in-depth knowledge of each stage, eg.  about regulation and technology development, investment size, price formation and profitability.

Energy transition also covers operational efficiency enhancement and co-product optimization.

TEG provides robust strategic and operational expertise in the fields of energy, industry, fuels, transportation and fuel distribution.

Energy transition impact to your business

We help to form an overall understanding on the impact and opportunities created by the Energy Transition.

Business opportunities and risk identification

We help to plan and execute energy transition by evaluating progress and profitability of every step in your value chain.

Energy transition and market overview

Our services cover energy transition scenarios, regulation and market analysis and financial studies. We support your strategic business process and provide clear and functional recommendations and solutions. 

Transport, Energy and Industry

We offer project, engineering, process and risk management services based on your requirements. We help you to execute production and logistic projects or provide technical studies.

Our procedure

TEG is a network of independent and experienced experts, from which we tailor the best composition to meet your need.
We also provide our expertise to project led by others.